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Our Poultry

If you're hankerin' for delicious, farm fresh fried chicken just like Grandma used to make, well then you've got to start with the best chicken available! That's SEIFER FARMS Pasture Poultry!

SEIFER FARMS Chickens are just like Grandma used to raise, and that's why Grandma's fried chicken tasted so good!  She started with the best and so should you!


Our Pork

 But why stop with Poultry?  We searched high and low to find an outfit that raised Pasture Pork but had no luck. So we thought, "Well, we raise Farm Fresh Pasture Poultry... why not do the same with Pork?"  Now we offer SEIFER FARMS Pasture Pork!

Our Chickens and Pigs are raised in the pure fresh air and sunshine of Nebraska.  They are fed only the best grain and allowed to live a natural life!


Choose Seifer Farms

Make arrangements for your own SEIFER FARMS Pasture Poultry and Pork today! We do all the work, all you have to do is enjoy the highest quality chicken and pork available.